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Kristi only came to CONNECT Lake Country a few months ago, but she’s already making great strides. While working on redesigning her life, she had the idea to start running a brainstorming and thinking gathering for anyone who wants to practice their cognitive skills.

British Columbia’s best services for people with acquired brain injury (ABI) will soon be identified by a Provincial Service Evaluation Initiative launched by the BC Brain Injury Association (BCBIA).

Mike Garing, a Life Redesign Coach at South House in CONNECT Langley, has recently been recognized for his outstanding work.

Spirits and emotions were high as CONNECT celebrated 20 years in Langley and five years in Lake Country.

By Allison Bain

Residents of CONNECT Langley have access to a whole new world of coaching, thanks to a new coaching team hired this summer.

By Lissa Miles

Following a brain injury, subsequent coma and grueling recovery, Carla found expression through art when there was no other way to express herself.

Golfer Brad, who is recovering from a stroke in January, has made incredible progress during his time at CONNECT.

By Lissa Miles

A subtle twinkle is visible in Blair’s eyes when he shows you how he can independently make his way downstairs to the “man cave” in his Abbotsford home.

Don and Lucille celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary in August with their CONNECT “family” just before moving back home to Nelson, BC.

The couple held hands and fought back a few tears while recounting Don's miraculous recovery at CONNECT and the two-and-a-half-year journey since a brain injury almost killed him.