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CONNECT resident Fred, 21, and his mother, Elisabeth, flip through an album of clippings on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at CONNECT in Langley.

There is much laughter, focus and gratitude as they read line after line from friends and family encouraging Fred in his rehab from a brain injury.

A friend started a Facebook group where loved ones can post their comments for Fred. Overwhelmed by the response, Elisabeth has since taken over the management and documentation of the site, diligently printing and clipping each post to save and share with Fred.

BrainTrust Canada is hosting its annual brain injury conference  -  the Pushor Mitchell Okanagan Conference on Brain Injury -  which will be held on June 12 and 13, 2014 at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in Kelowna. 

Watch the amazing journey CONNECT Lake Country resident Janet has been on for the last two years. There is some pretty inspiring progress documented here.


Plans are underway to formally celebrate CONNECT's 20(+5) anniversary.

As you know, CONNECT opened its doors in Langley 20 years ago and in Lake Country five years ago. Hence, CONNECT's 20(+5) anniversary!

By Ellie Ennas – Former CONNECT resident

Months ago I had scheduled a Handydart. When I got on the bus I was surprised to see it almost full.

By Mary Lou Iceton, M.Sc., RSLP, Communication Coach-CONNECT-Lake Country

By Wendy Williams, Thinking Coach, CONNECT

CONNECT recently said goodbye and good luck to five-year employee Jill Koppang, Resource Teams Leader, who made the difficult decision to leave CONNECT in early January.

Jill made countless contributions toward CONNECT’s mission; "to make lives better". She coordinated CONNECT's first successful Accreditation Canada Survey, was a champion of CONNECT's Coaching approach and a leader in making CONNECT a learning destination.

By Lissa Miles

When Blair moved to CONNECT in Langley seven months ago, he was in a wheelchair and had very little use of his right leg. He had suffered a stroke on New Year's Eve in 2012 and his wife, Janet, had been told by doctors Blair had a 50% chance of living and would likely never get around unassisted.

Bob Coss and Jim Henderson, who are both fathers of CONNECT residents, have formed a family council, of sorts, to contribute to the improvement and evolution of CONNECT.

"CONNECT does a fantastic job for people with brain injuries," says Jim. "As parents, we only have so much time with our children. When we pass away, we have to trust CONNECT to be the sole support for our children. That's a hefty responsibility. So if we can help CONNECT continually improve, we will rest easier when that time comes."