CONNECT Represented at National Conference

By August 19, 2013 Interdependent

CONNECT will have the inside track about the latest best practices and network with experts in the field of brain injury during a September conference in Kingston, Ontario.

CONNECT Independence Coach Brian Hall, OT, is attending the Brain Injury Association of Canada Annual Conference 2013 from September 25 to 27 and will be sharing his new-found insight with CONNECT.

Hall will represent CONNECT at the conference via a poster/information presentation and via networking with conference participants, which include people with brain injury, their families, medical and health professionals, researchers and service providers.

“This is the national conference in our field,” said Hall. “I am honored to represent our vision and share our stories of success and challenge. I believe that being someone who has one-to-one interaction with our residents and families provides in-depth answers to clinical questions and specific program-related questions.”

Hall will be sharing his experiences in the next issue of The Interdependent and at a lunch and learn at CONNECT Lake Country open to staff and residents.