100 Holes for Brain Injury Prevention

By September 17, 2013 Interdependent

CONNECT is proud to have sponsored and participated in the Pihl Law Corporation Golf Marathon, BrainTrust Canada’s largest fundraising event.

The marathon, which took place at The Bear course in Kelowna on Friday, September 6th, raised $52,000.

BrainTrust Canada is a progressive not-for-profit association providing community-based rehabilitation and daily living support to persons with brain injury. They also have a strong focus on brain injury prevention and education, especially for youth who are at the highest risk. Brain injury has been labeled an epidemic and is the greatest cause of death and disability under the age of 45.

CONNECT’s Jennifer Schochter and Lissa Swihart participated in the 100-hole marathon and raised more than $2,000 for this important cause.