Months ago I had scheduled a Handydart. When I got on the bus I was surprised to see it almost full.

I sat next to a middle aged lady with a huge scar along her head. She turned to me and let out a milk curdling scream.

Bloody alarmed, I jumped and moved to the only other seat available.

At the next stop a middle aged man got on and went to sit beside her.

I bit my tongue not to exclaim “Don’t sit there!!”

The woman then did something I did not expect. She smiled and warmly patted the seat.

She had been saving the seat for him and had no idea how to tell me that.

With my hopes to spread brain injury awareness, I hope I can help people see past the screaming woman and, instead, see the woman who knew her friend was coming, saved him a seat and made sure it stayed empty for him.