Life Redesign Coach Recognized for Exceptional Work

By October 24, 2014 Interdependent

Mike Garing, a Life Redesign Coach at South HouseĀ in CONNECT Langley, has recently been recognized for his outstanding work.

Bob and Suzie Coss wrote to CONNECT to commend Mike for the amount of care and effort he has put into working with their son Michael.

“His sense of leadership, responsibility, attention and the care he demonstrates when working with residents such as our son Michael are an example to follow,” say Bob and Suzie.

Bob and Suzie believe the effort Mike puts into caring for their son has contributed to the progress he has made in his four years at South House.

“Mike demonstrates his loyalty, pride, positive attitude, enthusiasm and passion for his work,” say Bob and Suzie. “He works tirelessly on ensuring that all the details are taken care of. He also takes a personal role on ensuring that there is an efficient transfer of information to our family when needed.”