CONNECT’s Anniversary and Christmas parties this year have provided a great time for reflection. As individuals you should all be very proud of your contributions to what is and has been very important collective work. Recently we have enjoyed reminiscing about CONNECT’s roots, celebrating our many individual achievements and dreaming our future vision. From humble beginnings, together we have created a very different and improving style of health care – one which clearly provides leading practice, delivers better economics and importantly leads to way better lives. But CONNECT has never been one to rest on its laurels and there remains much important work to do.

My mother and founder Janet always said you are either moving forward or backward – you never stay the same. As we pitch hard for another CONNECT to keep us moving forward, it’s never been more important to be at our best. By keeping our current business operations in Langley and Lake Country as strong and healthy as ever, we will ensure a bright future for CONNECT and all our people. This past year we have had occupancy challenges in both Langley and Lake Country, so while interest in CONNECT remains high getting the word out and staying full is super important. We need to be good financial stewards and respect the scarcity of funding dollars by running things efficiently. Keeping our workplaces in good repair and healthy is also important. Jobs clearly become careers at CONNECT and we need to be mindful and proud of all of our staff. Maintaining healthy partnerships with our funders, families and residents will also continue to be a priority this coming year.

CONNECT’s 21st year promises to be a time full of potential and maybe a big step or two. Our hope is that by year end we have a very clear path forward. Thank you as always for the work you do every day, and for all of your contributions to CONNECT and people living with brain injury. Here’s to a great 2015 for all of you.