“It’s a great place to be,” says Amadee.

Amadee came to CONNECT after having a brain aneurism, which was followed by two strokes while she was on the operating table. When she first arrived her right side was paralyzed, but now she’s learning to walk again.

“Nothing can bring me down but myself,” she says cheerfully.

Amadee’s positive outlook is contagious. She’s made lots of friends and makes a point of finding something good about every person she meets. Both she and Kathy enjoy the sense of belonging at CONNECT.

“It feels good to be part of this community,” says Kathy.

She’s grateful for having CONNECT’s support while Amadee works on redesigning her life. Being part of a community that helps people rethink life after a brain injury has changed both of their lives for the better.

“To have a place to go, no words can express it,” says Kathy.

Amadee and her family moved to Lake Country so they could be together while Amadee is at CONNECT. Kathy and Amadee spend their time living life: making crafts, enjoying the outdoors, listening to musicĀ and going out and about in the community with others. Whenever it’s Amadee’s turn to make a meal for her house, Kathy comes in and cooks with her.

“There’s a lot to do around here, that’s for sure” says Kathy.

Amadee says CONNECT makes life better for everyone, but “especially me and you,” she adds, looking at her mom.