The Countdown for our Ontario Opportunity

By November 25, 2015 Interdependent

After almost a year of intense relationship building, networking, travel back and forth and even the relocation of our President and COO, Patti, the Request for Proposals (RFP) has been released from Hamilton, Ontario, which could lead to the building of our third CONNECT location.

We will work feverishly over the next two months to submit a proposal. The intent with the proposal will be to demonstate everything CONNECT can offer Ontario based on our 20-plus year journey so far.

If we are the successful proponent in the RFP process, we could be opening the doors of our third location by fall or winter of 2017!!

We will keep you all updated as things progress with the RFP process.

Thanks for working hard in British Columbia throughout our Ontario efforts. Our success in Making Lives Better in BC is why other provinces are paying attention to CONNECT.