Representing CONNECT were Patti Flaherty, President and COO, and Karen Tims, Director of Culture, People and Services. The two, along with Interior Health’s Lori Seeley, presented a poster about the partnership betwen CONNECT and IH.

“We enjoyed a collaborative couple of days at the congress with people from across the country doing new and exciting things for stroke,” says Karen.

She says the poster was the first time CONNECT and IH articulated their respective partnership objectives together, which they were able to share at the congress. There were many positive conversations with others about the shared experience so far.

“It was wonderful to attend the sessions at the Congress and there was certainly a lot to learn about what’s upcoming and new in the world of stroke. Being able to bring that back here and use it to shape where we’re going is pretty cool.”

CONNECT is also a member of the Stroke Rehabilitation Collaborative through Stroke Services BC.

“CONNECT was invited as a guest at the Collaborative because we’re delivering services that are different and have already created change,” says Karen Tims, Director of Culture, People and Services. “We will have an opportunity to participate in a presentation in 2016 to talk about our experiences.”

Karen says it has been a positive and rewarding experience to be involved with so many people working to change the way we all approach stroke.

CONNECT is the only independent non-health authority provider participating in the collaborative.