The Hawaiian-themed day took place at both Langley and Lake Country and involved costumes, food and staff recognition.

Janette Jackman, Leader of Our People Services, attended the Langley event and said the atmosphere and energy in the room was great with a very relaxing and warm feel.

“Our staff add so much value to what we do at CONNECT and are our most important resource,” says Janette. “This event provides the opportunity to let our staff know how much we value them and recognise everything they do. We want to thank them but don’t always get the opportunity to do so. To see the joy, passion and respect our employees have for one another was heart warming. They were all celebrating each other !

“It was a lovely event to celebrate staff anniversaries and the hard work our team does every day,” said Karen Tims, Director of Culture, People and Services. “The day is for everyone. Not just our Life Redesign Coaches. It’s a day to recognize everyone at CONNECT making the Life Redesign Model a reality.”

Karen says next year the celebrations will likely not happen on the same day, so CONNECT leaders can attend both events.

“I think it’s important for our leaders to attend the Life Redesign Day at both locations so we have the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the employees being recognized.

Congratulations and thank you to the following employees recognized for years of service!

Celebrating 5 years: Mila Daganato, Shazia Mohammed, Karen Leeking, Nyach Loth, Michale King, Doreen Wood, Gary Allen, Lois McKeown, Jessica Kittlitz, Eric Duncan, Daniel Buchanan, Melissa Armstrong, Tricia Schoeler, Melissa Jakobsson, Karl Wolf, Carly Moore, Denise Wood, Connie Bakker, Brian Hall, Christina Acton, Nicole Curthoys, and Gary Hilscher.

Celebrating 10 years: Maggy Coulter, Vinita Pal, Michele Speers, and Suzanne Ubaldo.

Celebrating 15 years: Sheila Baird, Bhupinder Sangra and Shelley McDonald.