A seminar about grief after brain injury was held for CONNECT residents and staff in Lake Country August 2.

Janelle Breese Biagioni, author, speaker, counsellor and Community Program Coordinator at Cridge Brain Injury Services in Victoria, led attendees through the grieving process and why grief needs more attention.

“Grief affects our emotional, spiritual, social and physical wellbeing,” Janelle said. “Loss is the call to action, grieving is the feeling we have because of loss, and mourning is how we deal with it.”

Janelle invited attendees to share their own stories and ask questions after her presentation. Several residents lingered to chat with her, sharing hugs and memories.

“I think, as the name of my presentation indicates, that grief is the missing link to redesigning life after brain injury,” said Janelle. “There isn’t funding for families to get help to deal with their grief. There isn’t a conscious emphasis on that piece of the puzzle – for the person directly affected or for their loved ones.”

She said her passion is helping facilitate the grieving process for people so they can go on with their lives and find joy, meaning and fulfillment after loss.

You can follow Janelle on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JanelleBreeseBiagioni

Her presentation and notes will be available to all CONNECT residents, families and staff.