After a 15-year break, including having three children, working with people going through addictions recovery and in a seniors facility, CONNECT Life Redesign Coach Eileen Simpson is back at work in Langley.

She worked at CONNECT in Langley for more than a year and left about 15 years ago to start a family.

Eileen was recently interested in the idea of coming back to work at CONNECT so she spoke with Janette Jackman, Leader of Our People Services, about a month ago.

“Janette remembered me from when I worked here 15 years ago,” laughs Eileen. “It’s pretty amazing because I am sure Janette meets a lot of people.”

Eileen and two of her children, Breanna and Jesse, attended Langley’s CONNECT Hamilton celebration on Wednesday night. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with some familiar faces and meet new ones.

She is working casual hours now but would like to return full time.

“You know, I’ve been away for a long time, but I always knew I would come back. It’s really rewarding work.”