Architectural Rendering of CONNECT Hamilton

Well gang, as we hold down the fort in BC with little things like potential floods(!), CONNECT Hamilton is chugging ahead.

Since our last update, we requested proposals from construction managers in Hamilton to be our eyes and ears on the ground and ensure we are on track once construction begins.

John, who is leading CONNECT’s construction team, which includes Patti and Scott, is happy to report the selection of a successful candidate. Ira McDonald Construction Ltd. started with us on Friday, May 19 and will be overseeing construction, including coordinating with our design team. John will touch base with Ira McDonald weekly regarding construction. They will also join the design meetings every two weeks between CONNECT and DPAI, our Hamilton architects.

“We chose Ira McDonald because they seem like the best collaborators,” says John. “Like our team on this side, I think they have a similar team pushing to get things done.”

Patti and our planning consultant, Paul Mallard, met with the City of Hamilton on Wednesday, May 23 and were able to confirm CONNECT’s rezoning and official plan amendment application will be addressed in July.

CONNECT Hamilton is on the docket for the City of Hamilton’s Planning Committee Public Meeting July 11. Their recommendation for our applications for rezoning and official city plan amendment will then go to City Council July 13 for approval. This is a big milestone and we are keeping our fingers crossed that all goes as we hope it will.

“We had a great meeting with the City of Hamilton Planner and his manager and are hopeful for a strong recommendation to council,” says Patti. “There may be members of the public at the July 11 meeting with questions or to make an appeal. Even if there isn’t, there is a 20-day period to allow for any appeals to be issued. If all goes well, by mid-August we should have successfully rezoned the property and the official city plan amended to allow for CONNECT Hamilton to be built on our property.”

In the meantime, our preliminary site plan will be submitted June 1 to get a building permit. Patti continues to meet regularly with Hamilton Health Sciences and our architects to keep things on track both from the services side and the building side.

Architectural Rendering of CONNECT Hamilton

Stay tuned for more as things progress. And thank you CONNECT BC for staying the course through the storm – literally.