CONNECT received Exemplary Standing with Accreditation Canada following our survey in early June. CONNECT achieved every ROP (Required Organizational Practice) set out by Accreditation Canada. In fact, we met 99.2% of the 396 evaluation standards.

Input from community partners, the observations of the surveyors, interviews with leaders, staff, residents and family members, investigation of resident files and tours of both CONNECT locations resulted in a glowing report from Accreditation Canada. Exemplary Standing means CONNECT has gone beyond the requirements of the Qmentum Accreditation Canada program and demonstrates excellence in quality improvement.


The following excerpts are quoted from the Executive Summary from Accreditation Canada:

Life Redesign Model

“The Life Redesign Model, the therapeutic model of care, creates an environment that leverages neuroplasticity in the most powerful way by creating an environment of challenge, possibility, achievement and interdependence. The organization’s recent efforts of reaching out and responding to health leadership across Canada to share the Life Redesign Model and its successes is noteworthy as it is truly a client/family centred model.”

Being One

“Appearing as two almost discrete organizations in the last survey, it is evident that the organization has addressed this issue and made major efforts to have it become the organization it is today with standardized, consistent processes that promote resident care and employee support to provide it. Standardizing approaches across both sites has been successful.”


“CONNECT employees are engaged, creative, embrace the culture and hail from varied and diverse backgrounds. There is very little attrition in either the Langley site or the Lake Country site. The organization notes its success in Peer and Resident driven employment practices.”


“Strong leaders are very committed to residents and role model the value of the organization. They support a risk management and safety culture. Service plans manage the juxtaposition of safety and smart risks by focusing on the individual, assessing potential risks and building plans to manage these risks, while encouraging the individual to move beyond their comfort zone. The organization is passionate in its belief that ‘if you risk nothing, you risk everything.’ CONNECT is able to support risk with attention to safety.”

Being Different

“One of the major challenges experienced is the ongoing struggle to fit CONNECT into a health system where it really doesn’t fit. Strong relationships within the system are paramount to CONNECT’s success.”

Thank you and congratulations to everyone at CONNECT, our staff, residents and their families, our community partners, funders and supporters. We could not be happier with this result. Exemplary Standing is a reflection of the important work we do in carrying out the Life Redesign Model every day.