Ellie is living her dream of advocating for people with brain injuries and increasing accessibility for people with disabilities.

The former CONNECT Lake Country resident met with Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran in late May. She requested the meeting to discuss with Basran a report she participated in completing as part of a National Youth Forum she attended in Ottawa. The report is to Minister Carla Qualtrough about accessibility and inclusion of all Canadians.

Ellie said the mayor was incredibly kind and interested in her story and the work she has done.

“He’s very genuine and deeply interested into doing the best that he can for every single moment that he can.”

Congratulations Ellie on the completed report and your continued work on this important topic. So what’s next?

“I need to regroup and take time to work towards other (more physical more time sensitive) goals. When I get back to it, I’ll take another course at the college (only a few more until I’m where I need to be). Then….I’ll tell my story. How? I’m not sure. I know I need to write, I know I’m inspired by people and their stories, and I know I don’t need to search for any opportunity. I’ll just keep my eyes open and seize it when it comes to me!”