Things are happening at CONNECT Hamilton, where bits and pieces have been coming together for months to finally form a complete picture.

Patti Flaherty, President and COO of CONNECT, was at the site recently walking around the second floor and witnessing roof trusses being installed, drywall going up and rooms taking shape.

“I met our new project manager last week,” says Patti. “We feel good about where things are at and how things are looking from here.”

Our most recent construction schedule has realistically indicated completion and occupancy of CONNECT Hamilton in April or May of 2019.

“We have dealt with our fair share of delays, mainly to do with permits, but we are very happy with how things are shaping up.”

Patti, who relocated to Hamilton in August, will be visiting CONNECT’s BC locations next month, while John Sherwood, CEO, will visit Hamilton to provide local presence and check on progress.

The Ira McDonald construction crew, including new project manager Nolan Hunter (far left).