The love and support of his family motivated CONNECT resident Rachpal to do the seemingly impossible task of regaining his independence and moving home.

Rachpal has lived at CONNECT Langley since 2011 and moved home on Sunday, January 27.

Affectionately referred to as “Pal” by most of the staff at CONNECT, Rachpal attended a party in his honour last Thursday to say goodbye to his CONNECT family.

“I am very happy to move home,” he said with a beaming smile, just before the party started.

He says he has no fears about the move and is excited to work with his new physiotherapist and support worker.

When Rachpal first arrived at CONNECT almost eight years ago, he had just acquired a brain injury and significant other injuries when a truck driver hit him on the side of a highway as he was changing a flat tire on his own truck.

He was wheelchair bound and unable to care for himself.

Life Redesign Coach Josh says he witnessed Rachpal transform from an anxious, dependent person, to the independent man he is today.

“I took him sit skiing a few years back,” says Josh. “He had anxiety and was reluctant to go, but with the encouragement of the team, he went. He went down the slope three times at Seymour Mountain and loved it.”

Rachpal also went camping with CONNECT in 2017 and last year, as well as participating in a small group camping trip with Josh.

“He showed great independence. One morning before we all got up and out of our tents, Pal had figured out the layout and remembered our camp spot number and walked the entire perimeter of the large camp ground by the time we got up. He was so proud of himself.”

Josh lists a number of Life Redesign Coaches, including Bonnie, Britney, Mike and Maggy, who have helped Rachpal commute into the city and his home using public transportation, grocery shop for himself and generally regain his independence.

Life Redesign Coach Maggy says it has been an honour to see Rachpal regain his ability to walk, to take care of himself and to finally be moving home.

“Every day was as new day with small successes,” says Maggy. “We encouraged him, but he worked so hard and was incredibly determined to improve.”

She says his family, particularly his niece Gina, who has special needs, provide the inspiration and encouragement for his many achievements.

“His family and CONNECT together became his village. If he fell, he would get up, knowing he had so much support,” says Maggy. “It’s gratifying to see him so happy to go home, although part of me doesn’t want to see him leave. We will miss him. We are so proud of him.”

Life Redesign Coach Eileen says Rachpal will be missed by everyone at CONNECT, but is proud of his successes and her many co-workers who coached him to achieve his goals.

“We are excited for him and what the future may bring.”

Main image –  CONNECT employees Connie and Josh help celebrate Rachpal’s move home.
Second image – Rachpal on a sit ski at Seymour Mountain
Third image – CONNECT employees Maggy and Eileen help celebrate Rachpal’s move home.
Fourth image – A collage depicts many of Rachpal’s CONNECT highlights.