We are happy and excited to introduce the CONNECT Hamilton team (so far).

Pictured above (left to right) is our professional coaching team, including: Ryan Wheeler, Play Coach, Amanda McKinnon, Independence Coach, Heather DeBoer, Physical Coach, Elyse Dvorski, Health and Wellness Coach, Primrose Maniwa, Social Wellness Coach, Melissa Mascio, Communication Coach, Jamie Curran, Leader, and Gillian Gariepy, Health and Wellness Coach.

These team members spent a few days in the Okanagan last week to meet the CONNECT  Lake Country team, immerse themselves in CONNECT culture and learn all about the Life Redesign Model in action.

Not pictured is Adam Van Sickle, Service Access and Transitions Leader, who stayed back in Hamilton busy building community connections to get CONNECT at Home up and running.

CONNECT has also hired an Admin Coach, who starts on Monday and two People and Service Resource Coaches, who start the following Monday.

“As I said to this group when I first met them, we’re so appreciative of them believing in CONNECT Hamilton and coming on board. The group has such a great vibe and good energy,” says Patti Flaherty, President and COO. “CONNECT Hamilton has been a long time coming, so having this team on site, going through orientation, starting to figure out how they will be part of making the Life Redesign Model happen in Ontario, it’s all very exciting.”

Jamie Curran, CONNECT Hamilton Leader, echoes Patti’s sentiment and adds, “I am really proud to be part of this and to have helped bring this team together. So far, no regrets.”

Many thanks to Jamie, Patti and Karen Tims, Director of Culture, People and Services, and the rest of the CONNECT team working so hard on the interviewing and hiring process in Hamilton, which has involved hundreds of applicants. Thank you: Mary-Lou Iceton, Ashlie Hallsworth, Mark Fleming, Karin Schmidt, Chris Acton and Janette Jackman.

“Another cool bit of news is that Bonnie Robertson has moved from Langley to Hamilton and is our first official Life Redesign Coach,” says Patti. “She has been amazing in bringing her years of experience and the coaching perspective to life for the team here.”

The process of hiring Life Redesign Coaches is the next big focus. CONNECT Hamilton is scheduled to open its first three homes in September.

For regular updates about CONNECT Hamilton and to look back at the journey so far, visit: https://connectcommunities.ca/category/hamilton/