Unique to CONNECT Hamilton

CONNECT at Home is a transition service which brings the Life Redesign Model™ (LRM) to individuals in their own homes.

  • In some circumstances, the people we support at CONNECT Hamilton will have the unique opportunity to continue with their Life Redesign Plans in their own homes. Others will have the opportunity to experience CONNECT at Home to help transition from hospital to home with access to the LRM.
  • Life Redesign Coaches, still with input from CONNECT’s professional coaching team, will work with the individual to identify new goals based on their passions and what motivates them with even more of an at-home community feel.
  • The focus will be on making the transition home more enjoyable, through interdependence and building those meaningful relationships and connecting with the surrounding community.

Keeping with CONNECT’s culture of personal accountability, supported risk taking, social capital and, especially, meaningful community participation, CONNECT at Home staff will work with the individual in their home environment and community. The people we support will be assisted in taking the next step in their Life Redesign. The focus will be on involvement in productive and functional activities:

  • Supporting the individual to access public transportation and functional activities;
  • Building on strategies to remember tasks and appointments;
  • Planning and cooking meals;
  • Accessing physical leisure opportunities;
  • Volunteering; and
  • Even getting back to a level of employment or school.

For more information about CONNECT at Home, contact Adam Van Sickle, Service Access and Transitions Leader at adamv@connectcommunities.ca or call 289-260-7743.