Lake Country

We celebrate the birth of the Life Redesign ModelTM. CONNECT Lake Country is a condo-style home for 42 individuals in partnership with Interior Health. Opened in 2009, CONNECT Lake Country serves the interior of BC.

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11438 Bottom Wood Lake Rd.,
Lake Country, BC V4V 1V4 CANADA

Phone: 250.469.9358
Fax: 250.766.4999

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Our condominium development in Lake Country (near Kelowna) contains six individual homes. Each home has seven private bedrooms, a kitchen, dining and living rooms and everything a home offers. The six homes are attached by a connecting corridor behind the building, which houses some common areas, such as a fitness room, media room, offices, meeting, and recreation and leisure areas. The outside landscape areas provide outdoor living spaces and areas for gardening, relaxation and social gatherings. We are located is in the Winfield neighbourhood, which has many parks, borders on Wood Lake and has retail amenities.

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