Years later and a continent away, Michael is happy CONNECT is giving back to his old team by providing it with new jerseys.

“All the confidence I have, values, perseverance, dedication, hard work… I only learned it because of (my coach) and my team,” says Michael. “I joke around with my teammates now that we’re all grown up and have families but we would always have one thing in common and that’s his lessons in life.”

Eduardo Palmos, Michael’s former coach, is grateful for the new jerseys, which the team wore when it won laurels.

“We thank CONNECT Communities for their benevolent support in helping get these poor students playing uniforms and shine as good individuals worthy of community emulation,” says Eduardo.

Michael hopes these new jerseys will raise the team’s spirits and help them enjoy the same experience he did.

“I want this new breed of kids to experience what I have learned from Coach and make them better citizens of the community,” says Michael.