Leading up to the surgery November 16, John was a bit trepidatious about going under the knife.

“I was feeling pretty good going in and therefore had some doubts about the surgery. But the key thing was my hip had been getting progressively worse for the past 12 years, and hip pain was making physical activities really uncomfortable. I’ve now gone from getting worse to getting better each day.”

John was back in the office just two weeks after the surgery, walking with a cane and feeling stronger every day.

“Because I went in pretty healthy and I’m relatively young for this surgery, the recovery has been ahead of schedule. At four weeks my hip movement is already better than it was before.”

John says he is looking forward to getting recommitted to being active and pursuing the things he loves, like skiing, biking and hiking, and, of course, enjoying them without joint pain.

“I certainly have gained a better understanding and respect for the physical rehabilitative process and how it gets results,” says John. “I also have renewed amazement at the courage our residents show in meeting the much scarier challenges they face recovering from brain injury.”