After a harrowing weekend with wildfire alerts and evacuations happening throughout Lake Country, it looks like CONNECT Lake Country will not have to evacuate. Also, so far, we have not had any requests from Interior Health to temporarily house any of their evacuated residents.

CONNECT employees have been reviewing our emergency preparedness protocols and policies in the event of an evacuation order and our leaders are ready to support any actions we may have to take. Thank you to everyone for being on the alert and for always putting the needs of our residents, each other, and our community as a priority.

If there is a change in the current situation, we will alert staff, residents and families. For now, we are very thankful the situation seems to be improving, and many of the neighbourhoods that were evacuated have been told to return to their homes.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the wild fires, I am happy to answer calls. Otherwise, you can check local news outlets and websites regularly for updates, such as:

Thank you,

Mark Fleming