Health and Wellness Coach Elyse Dvorski is taking on a new professional opportunity, and will be altering her presence and schedule at CONNECT.

Elyse has accepted a WSIB analyst position, working at the HHS administrative offices downtown Hamilton. However, the job will largely be done from home once she completes her training.

“I’m telling you, this decision was very difficult for me,” says Elyse. “In what other company can you call the president to cry your eye out about making a decision like that, but I did. I called Patti (Flaherty) to talk about it. I am really feeling like part of the CONNECT family and have been employed here for 11 months. It was no an easy decision, but I feel it’s the right choice for me at this time.”

Elyse is hoping the experience at her new job can help her drive CONNECT’s private side by better understanding how WSIB works.

“I am very interested in the business side of health care and health care leadership, so I am definitely excited about this new door opening for me.”

She says her experience at CONNECT has prepared her for this WSIB position, where she will be advocating on behalf of the claimant or patient, to receive the proper compensation for their injuries.

“CONNECT has given me the junior leadership experience I never had as a frontline nurse. CONNECT has made me reflect a lot on myself, my own values and CONNECT’s values and kind of twists them together. I have a new perspective on health care and the people we support. I feel like I’ll be able to see the people I work with at WSIB as more than a case file and more of a person because of my time at CONNECT.”

Jamie Curran, Leader, says Elyse evolved into her role as Health and Wellness Coach since CONNECT Hamilton opened and he is thankful for the work she has done until this point.

“I wish Elyse the best with this new challenge and thank her for her work at CONNECT. I am thankful she will be helping with our transition to find an additional Health and Wellness Coach.”

Elyse will be working two shifts per week in the evenings, starting at 4pm and she will work on-call every other week.

“I have had more than one job since I was 16. Always enjoyed being busy. For COVID-19 to restrict me to one employer, I have gone kind of crazy. Now that I have this opportunity, I’ll have my training but will be working from home and can stay at CONNECT in this new capacity.”

When Elyse is not working multiple jobs, she loves being on the water, walking her dogs and travelling. She and her partner recently sold their cottage, which she’ll miss, but they are looking at buying sea-doos to keep the water fun going.

Patti says she has witnessed Elyse’s journey since the opening of CONNECT Hamilton and is excited for her to embark on this new journey.

“Elyse is so much more in tune with the Life Redesign Model now and will take that understanding and perspective into whatever she chooses to do in the health care field. I am excited for her.”